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Chef Driven Sandwiches in Portland, Oregon



Wake UP Call - $9  ~coffee cocktail, bugle horn not included #daydrinking

nossa família nitro cold brew, sambuca, creme de cassis, lemon oil

Don't be a Prick - $8 ~chill out with this epic radler riff

pFriem pilsner, prickly pear, china-china

Are YOU talkin’ to me?! - $10 ~smooth+refreshing, spin on classic americano cocktail

carpano antica, ramazotti, vanilla cherry brown sugar, mediterranean tonic water, lemon twist

Royal Italian Fizz - $13 ~ bittersweet, tart, creamy

averna, luxardo maraschino, limón, egg, soda, amarena cherries

Ricky the Mule - $11 ~moscow mule, try it with aria gin

prairie organic vodka, starvation alley cranberry, lime, ginger, fever tree ginger ale

Warm Thoughts - $13 ~lightly sweet & citrusy #vacationinaglass

piscológica, passionfruit, cucumber, lemon, buddha’s hand, egg white

Rhubi-Tuuti - $12 ~tiki style sherry cobbler, juicy, not too sweet

fino sherry, novo fogo aged cachaça, rhubarb, lime, grenadine, coconut milk

Drop the Beet - $11 ~sweet, earthy, tart & fizzy #ginandjuice

tanqueray 10, beet, lemon, lime, brown sugar, soda

Maria Sangrienta - $10 ~bloody mary, vodka upon request

olmeca altos blanco, ancho reyes chili liqueur, house bloody mix, excessive garnish, mexican candy rim

Darkwing Duck - $13 ~savory, tangy & a bit spicy  #letsgetdangerous

weller special reserve bourbon, duck fat, thai chili, carbonized ramp, apple cider vinegar, pommeau, orange oil, bitters

Ward of Monaco - $12 ~old fashioned variation

rittenhouse rye, benedictine, angostura, lemon twist

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