Stacked Sandwich Shop

Chef Driven Sandwiches in Portland, Oregon


We use Pearl Bakery breads for our sandwiches & offer gluten-free bread from New Cascadia.

Smoked Turkey Reuben* - granny smith apple, provolone, house kraut, 2000 island spread, marble rye  12

Oregon Bay Shrimp Roll* - citrus aioli, shaved asparagus, radish, herbs,  lemon honey vinaigrette, house old bay, pearl bakery hoagie  11

Polpetta - pork + bison meatballs, spicy tomato, parmesan, truffle pecorino, provolone, herbs, hoagie roll  12

Smoked Turkey Hero* - house bacon, provolone, mama lils pepper, red onion, iceberg lettuce, dijonaise, Italian vinaigrette, pearl bakery hoagie 12

Oxtail French Dip - cast iron charred onions + crimini mushrooms, Havarti, rosemary jus, hoagie  13

Chicken Fried Pork* - roasted corn relish, pickled jalapenos, charred lime aioli, jicama+cabbage slaw with mint, basil, cilantro & lime vinaigrette 12

Roasted Lamb Leg* - pesto chevre, heirloom tomatoes, pickled onions, Calabrian chili aioli, arugula, house made focaccia  13 

Korean Fried Tofu* - Choi’s kimchi, coleslaw, lettuce, pearl bakery brioche  10   v

Zucchini Torta - smoked fresh mozzarella, cremini mushrooms, pickled onions, salsa verde, avocado, lettuce, brioche bun  11   v

Children's Menu Available on Request

Toast (in-house only)

We use LoveJoy Baker's Rugbrød, a danish rye bread that Gabriel found while staging at Noma. He worked with LoveJoy to create Stacked's Rugbrød.

One or Two Slices

Smoked Beet Cured Salmon - avocado, radish, arugula, lemon vinaigrette 8/16   v

House Ricotta - seasonal preserve 4/8  v

House Nutella -  bananas, hazelnuts, toasted marshmallow  6/ 12   


Kale - radicchio, apple, avocado, cucumber, parmesan, balsamic + extra virgin olive oil   6 side/12 entree   v

Wedge - heirloom tomatoes, shiitake bacon, fresh herbs, garlic croutons, Smokey Blue dressing   6 side/12 entree   v

Arugula Caesar - wild arugula, garlic croutons, parmesan   5 side/10 entree

Stacked Salad - mixed greens, smoked turkey, cucumber, avocado, roasted sweet potato, bacon, pumpkin seeds, roasted shallot sherry vinaigrette v  13

Smoked Salmon - mixed greens, charred scallion, market berries, radish, avocado, toasted walnuts, green goddess dressing  13 


House Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips -   2    v

French Fries - 5   v

Stacked Fries - cheddar, bacon, ranch, scallions, pickled onions, jalapeño 9  + oxtail 12

Potato Salad - smoked paprika, thyme, shallots, celery, pickled mustard seeds, scallion, creme fraiche, aioli, bacon, fresh herbs  4   v

5 Cheese Truffle Mac   8   v

Seasonal Soup   6   v (ask)

Assorted Pickle Plate   5   v


1/2 Dozen Seasonal Donut Holes   4   

Lemon Madeleines   6

Assorted Cookies (ea) - Salted Chocolate Chip, Molasses Chai, Lemon-Thyme-Poppy Seed Short Bread Cookie    2  

~ menu may change due to seasonal availability ~

v ~ denotes is or can be made vegetarian

*consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of food borne illness

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